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Areas of Practice

18-Wheeler Accidents

18 Wheeler accidents can be destructive physically, mentally, and financially.  Don't go up against the giant resources of a trucking company without serious and experienced legal counsel.  We need to start immediately in building our side of the story and in making sure that the negotiations and the legal aftermath of a big rig wreck don't become a second disaster in your life.  

Chris Erny is an experienced litigator and isn't afraid to take on big companies in court.   Just as important, he understands the law and how to work your legal matter outside of the courtroom as well.  If you find yourself in an accident with an 18 Wheeler, Flat Bed Truck, or other large commercial vehicle it is important to seek proper legal counsel. 

Auto Accidents

Car accidents can happen to anyone no matter how skilled or careful a driver you may be.  Every year there are millions of head, neck, brain, spinal-cord, shoulder, knee and other injuries cased by careless or impaired drivers.  Unfortunately, many of these accidents can even result in death.  Powerful physical forces are at play in a car wreck and seemingly minor accidents can cause serious physical, emotional, and financial problems. 

There is more pressure today than ever before for insurance companies to turn a profit for shareholders, rather than giving fair compensation to injured parties.  It's essential for accident victims to secure legal representation who will fight to protect their rights.  
Chris Erny has the necessary experience, understands the law, and understands how to handle the huge legal teams and resources of big insurance companies to defend your legal rights.  

Aviation Law

Aviation Law is a very unique area of law practice.  Those who find themselves the victim of Aviation accidents face devastating injuries as well as the nearly unlimited budgets of big companies and the giant  insurance companies who defend them.  

Private plane, or helicopter, crashes can be incredibly challenging and complex.  Chris Erny is equal to the task and has experience with Aviation Law including the defending of clients who were injured or killed in Helicopter or Airplane accidents. 

Maritime/Admiralty Law

Maritime Law is a very unique field of law and requires an experienced and knowledgable lawyer. Chris Erny has been practicing Maritime Law since 1994 and has a deep understanding of the particular ins and outs of this area of law.  He has been working with it from his first days in law practice and continues to understand and represent his clients within these laws.  Not only are the laws complex, the big companies fighting cases tend to have nearly unlimited resources and you need a lawyer who can handle this situation. 

Whether your claim falls under the Jones Act, the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act, or the Death on the High Seas Act Chris Erny can help to navigate the law and to push for the best recovery and compensation allowable.  

If you work on a tanker, supply boat, crew boat, towboat, jack boat, barge, fishing vessel, freighter, semi-submersible, or other sea going vessel you are considered a "seaman" by law.  If you have been injured while acting as a seaman, longshoreman, or just working on or near the water don't hesitate to contact Chris Erny for a free initial consultation about your potential legal claim.  

Personal Injury

Chris Erny has been helping accident victims in South Louisiana since 1994.  He handles all types of personal injury claim and looks forward to hearing and exploring your individual situation and determining the best course of legal action to protect your rights. Whether your case involves medical malpractice, a slip and fall, product liability, or any other incident involving personal injury, feel free to give Chris a call so he can evaluate your case. 

Other Matters

There’s certainly no way to cover all of the types of legal matter that need resolution.  Chris Erny understands that every situation is unique and is ready to listen and to help where he can.  He will happily discuss your potential legal issue to see if there is a way he can help you to resolve them through legal means.  

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